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I was a child when I discovered music, thanks to my grandfather, a violin teacher and to my parents, both violin players.
When I was 13, I began to play the piano at the School of Music and I have done it for 5 years.
In the same period I attended a professional institute and got the diploma in industrial electronics.
My passion for electronics turned into a great interest for its application on music and video fields, going from electronic instruments to the recording and video recording.
Thanks to my first job, in 1981, when I was 17, I managed to build my first amateur recording studio composed of a TEAC 4-track tape recorder, Yamaha and Siel synthesizers, self-built sequencers and a room for the acoustic instruments recording.
After a while, I replaced the 4-track recorder with a 8-track one and relevant DBX-PRO noise limiters and added instruments.
Unfortunately I have always worked in the industrial electronic industry but the passion for music and multimedia has always burnt, regaining strength in the last years.
Today I have got a 48-channel mixer, a 24-track digital recorder, lots of electrical and acoustic instruments and go on delighting in what my real passion is: composing music.

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